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Sydney Greene

b. 1998

Based in Cincinnati, OH


Sydney Greene is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus in painting. Born in Union, KY, Greene began her art career in 2016 when she moved to Cincinnati. Since then, Greene has been creating visuals prompted by concepts that further investigate the human condition. Greene finished her undergraduate studies  in the spring of 2020 and is now actively finding ways to engage with the community and other artists to create space for culture and authentic connection. 



2020        Art Academy of Cincinnati


Grants & Awards 

2018       William E. Villa Endowed Scholarship 

2018       Thomas Satterwhite Scholarship 

2017       Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society Award 


Group Exhibitions

2017        Annual Art Show for the Watercolor Society ------------------------------------- The Barn, Cincinnati, OH  

2018       Reminder --------------------------------------------------------- Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH 

2018       Open Source 1.2, Responding to the Kurs collection --------------------------- The Carnegie, Newport, KY 

2018       STIM Show -------------------------------------------------------------------- Chidlaw Gallery, Cincinnati OH 

2018       Cement Sentiment ---------------------------------------------------------------- Frameshop, Cincinnati, OH   

 2018      What Went Wrong and Why Do You Care? ------------------------------- Chidlaw Gallery, Cincinnati, OH  

2018        More or Less a Common Sausage ----------------------------------------- Chidlaw Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 

2019        Spice House ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Spice House, Cincinnati, OH 

2019        Hot Air ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spice House, Cincinnati, OH 

2019       The Aesthetics of Joy ------------------------------------------------------------ Abby’s Place, Cincinnati, OH 

2019      Quality Control --------------------------------------------------------------- Westside Venue, Cincinnati, OH 

2019      Hindsight's Always 2020 -------------------------------------------------------- Spice House, Cincinnati, OH

2020      Burn Exhibition --------------------------------------------------------------------- MILFDAD, New York, NY

2020       Synthesis ------------------------------------------------------------------ Convergys Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

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